Virtual Studio Visit with Jesús Crespo

by Ilaria Sponda

Jesús Crespo is a visual artist from Madrid, currently based in London. His work thrives on the energy put into the artistic gesture and the relationship between the metamorphosis, dissolution and extrapolation of images. Ambiguity is a constant in his paintings: a territory where painting becomes transformative and performative, never fixed, … Read the full article


To Display

by Maya Wallis

Maya is an artist and writer based in Newcastle upon Tyne whose work spans across text, film, book making and radio production. Concerned with small things, acts and feelings, she aims to give weight to ribbons, gold buttons and red shoe laces. She has exhibited in Baltic Centre of Contemporary Art, Great North Museum, 36 … Read the full article


Vienna Art Week 2021

A collection of impressions and experiences from this year’s Vienna Art Week — The House of Losing Control and more.

by Julianne Cordray

Almut Rink, A Play, A Rock, A Line, A Book, A Path, A Home, A Raft, A Quest, 2021, Ausstellungsansicht House of Losing Control, Vienna Art Week 2021 © Wolfgang Thaler

The … Read the full article


Coco-yam Country
by hn. lyonga

25. A mother of three who works the red-light district in six-inch heels: her thoughts on a Friday night. A woman from the valleys of Coco-yam country is here. Deities visiting bodies. Grass skirts waving. Mother of two melanated girls and a boy. My daughters and other black girls rock. We speak spells and own … Read the full article