no. 6

the baggage issue
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Table of contents – issue 6

paper positions berlin

25 – 28 April 2024

Hans-Georg Wagner

Book series: Drawings & Furniture Design

Letter from the Editor

too much

by Nike Pina


by Franco Bastida

Strangers in a city

by Sonakshi Srivastava

Jaeger Eisenberg BLAU SAKS

by Dylan James Peterson

Harry’s House

by Greg Dekter

Alright, it means something to me

by Sophie Aigner

SprachBallast. KulturBallast. ErinnerungsBallast. Abgeworfen. Liebe Gefunden 2024.
by AFROTAK TV / cyberNomads

Hard wood heavy metal

by J Ekenhorst


by Elisa Juri

Greenish Tint of Pink

by Maja Ułasik

in fiction

by Zela Odessa Palmer

Notes on Audio Bench as Baggage

by Kate Liston

Latest articles:

  • short story The Yellow Rug by Julianne Cordray
  • interview with Angelo Iodice by Ilaria Sponda
  • interviewwith Jesús Crespo by Ilaria Sponda
  • poster To Display by Maya Wallis
  • interview with Hamza Beg by Julianne Cordray
  • poem Coco-yam Country by hn. lyonga