textur was founded by curator Sarie Nijboer and art writer Julianne Cordray in 2018. The bi-color publication is intended as a format that mixes different forms of art and text, comprising artistic interventions  opinions, personal stories, experiences and experiments.

textur refers to underlying structures that are palpable, though not necessarily visible. With this magazine, we aim to discover unconventional ways of writing about and engaging with art and to explore the (hidden) patterns, textures and languages of the current art ecosystem.

textur has participated in book fairs including Indiecon in Hamburg, It’s a book in Leipzig, and Printing Plant in Amsterdam, and has been sold at Positions Berlin Art Fair, as well. We have also exhibited in events at art and publishing spaces in Berlin, including WIRWIR, Falschrum Books, einBuch.haus, Cafe Babette at KINDL – Zentrum für zeitgenössische Kunst, and KHBstudios. Our issues have been stocked in Berlin bookshops, including Do You Read Me?!, Pro qm and Zabriskie Buchladen, as well as at O Meteoritis in Athens, NewBridge Books, Newcastle, Librebook, Brussels, and Athenaeum Nieuwscentrum, Amsterdam.

Our contributors have included:

  • AFROTAK TV / cyberNomads
  • Sophie Aigner
  • Çağla Aribal
  • Linnéa Bake
  • Franco Bastida
  • Mya Berger
  • Julia Bohlin
  • Sascha Boldt
  • India Boxall
  • Uma Breakdown
  • İpek Burçak
  • Continued Conversations. . .
  • Michaela Davidova (SEA Foundation)
  • Greg Dekter
  • Suzanne Dikker
  • Ahu Dural
  • J Ekenhorst
  • Hannah Fletcher
  • Gemma Gore
  • Gounis Comics and Layerlove
  • Harry Grundy
  • Sarah Heuberger
  • Elisa Juri
  • Viktor Kapischnikow
  • Kolxoz
  • Kate Liston
  • hn. Iyonga and Markus Posse
  • Enos Nyamor
  • Zela Odessa Palmer
  • Dylan James Peterson
  • Nike Pina
  • Claudia Raupach
  • Leah Sandler
  • Vincent Schier
  • Ilaria Sponda
  • Anna Souter
  • Sonakshi Srivastava
  • Maja Ułasik
  • Andrea Garcia Vasquez
  • Rosa Vrij
  • Adam Walker
  • Maya Wallis
  • Jasper Westhaus
  • Petroschek Wulgarow

textur is not just a curated magazine. We’re into collaborations of all sorts – even those unbounded by category. So, if you have an idea you would like to share with us for a possible collaboration, contribution or exchange, we would love to hear from you!

Alongside the online magazine, textur also operates as a Büro for Art Writing. We write exhibition and catalogue texts, among other forms, and offer editing and translation (DE/EN).

Get in touch: info@texturmag.com

textur is currently run by Julianne Cordray.