textur is a text-based territory in which to extend the medium of art writing in the exploration of social, geographic, political and economic structures within the context of the Berlin art ecosystem and beyond.

textur refers to underlying structures that are palpable, though not necessarily visible. With this magazine, we aim to discover unconventional ways of writing about art and explore the (hidden) patterns, textures and languages of the current art system.

textur is intended as a format that mixes different forms of art and text, comprising artistic interventions, opinions and thoughts. The form and structure of each online issue align with the visual layout of a printed magazine. Our bi-color publication seeks to experiment with textual structures while initiating forms of art writing that not only look at written language as a way of sharing information, but also as a tool for activating the reading and understanding of art.

textur was founded by curator Sarie Nijboer and art writer Julianne Cordray. Our contributors have included Julia Bohlin, Sascha Boldt, Viktor Kapischnikow, Claudia Raupach, Vincent Schier, Rosa Vrij, and Petroschek Wulgarow.

textur has participated in book fairs including Indiecon in Hamburg and Printing Plant in Amsterdam, and has been sold at Positions Berlin Art Fair, as well. Issues 2 & 3 have been stocked in bookshops in Berlin, including Do You Read Me?!, Pro qm and Zabriskie Buchladen.