Coco-yam Country
by hn. lyonga

25. A mother of three who works the red-light district in six-inch heels: her thoughts on a Friday night. A woman from the valleys of Coco-yam country is here. Deities visiting bodies. Grass skirts waving. Mother of two melanated girls and a boy. My daughters and other black girls rock. We speak spells and own … Read the full article


A session on dead things and little pleasures
by hn. lyonga

I dedicate this to my sister and the women who walk white streets everyday hiding themselves in fear.

On the day Nelson Mandela died
I dragged a malnourished body through muddy streets
then paid to hurl my guts about everything wrong with my life. And. Little pleasures that
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Seo Hye Lee: Shaping Sound Through Text

by Juli Cordray

We had the chance to catch up with artist Seo Hye Lee during her time at Vital Capacities — a UK-based accessible online residency program — to learn about what she’s been up to over the last month(s) and her practice more broadly.

For Seo Hye, the residency presented an … Read the full article


Tempest at Tanya Leighton, Berlin
In collaboration with Sadie Coles HQ, London

Within the frame of Galleries Curate: RHE

Article by Juli Cordray

Here in Berlin, we’ve recently experienced dramatic transformations of water and weather, shifting from frozen canals and lakes and sprawling blankets of snow to warm, green, spring-like days — all within a week’s time. From this lens, … Read the full article